Hoffy's Heifers: Bred Heifers and Heifer Pairs
Bred Heifers and Heifer Pairs
"Develop the herd you want
in the lifetime of a cow,
not the lifetime of a rancher."
~ Ron Hoffman
Providing top quality bred heifers and heifer pairs
to beef cattle ranchers in the Midwest.
  • Genetic Optimization
    Utilization of DNA testing is used to cultivate and deliver heifers with optimal traits.
  • A.I bred to calving ease bulls (minimum 15 D.C.E. EPD)
  • Careful sire selection enables us to produce heifers that calve easily and unassisted.
  • Outstanding breed-back rates
  • The breed back on our heifers has historically run between 95-97% with numerous cases of 100%.
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