Hoffy's Heifers: Bred Heifers and Heifer Pairs
Bred Heifers and Heifer Pairs
"Develop the herd you want
in the lifetime of a cow,
not the lifetime of a rancher."
~ Ron Hoffman


Hoffy’s Heifers is the Ranching Enterprise of Ron and Sharon Hoffman. We develop and breed heifers and sell bred heifers and heifer pairs.

Hoffy’s Heifers started when Ron had problems getting good quality heifers that were bred right to add to his cow herd. After repeatedly being dissapointed with the heifers that were available, Ron recognized that the industry needed a source that could reliably supply top quality heifers.

Hoffy’s Heifers has grown each year because of repeat customer. These customers appreciate cattle that perform exceptionally well and they recognize the importance of quality heifers in maintaining and building their herd.

Hoffy’s Heifers purchases Western Nebraska’s top heifer calves, both privately and at sale barns. We then develop them to their full genetic potential using a high roughage ration and a powerful mineral program. They are bred to breed leading calving ease bulls and cleaned up with home raised sons of the breed leading calving ease bulls and dams from leading calving ease bulls.

In 2011, Hoffy’s Heifers has added DNA testing to the program to help with the selection of traits important to further enhance our ability to supply our customers with heifers that will perform in their program.